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Why should I join the Indiana State Police Alliance? Greater membership means more credibility. When the Indiana State Police Alliance speaks for you, improving communications with the membership, everyone contributing their individual ideas and concerns, it permits the Indiana State Police Alliance to accomplish more for the group. We welcome your ideas and constructive criticism. Stay in touch: 317-636-0929.

The following are just some of the benefits of the Indiana State Police Alliance membership. Membership is open to all police and limited police employees (MCI's and Capital Police) as outlined in Article VII, Section 1 of the by-laws. Website accounts are limited to members in good standing of the ISPA. The dues are $12 per paycheck or can be paid all at once, $312 annually. Through the state auditor's office, the membership dues can be deducted directly from your paycheck.

To join, click here for the membership application, and then Click here for the AS-47 payroll deduction form.

Insurance: The ISPA will pay $20,000 to the beneficiary designated on the most recent ISPA membership application or beneficiary card when an active ISPA member expires in the line-of-duty. The ISPA will pay $5,000 for a non-line of duty death. The ISPA will pay $1,000 when the spouse, natural child, or legally adopted child of an active ISPA member dies. Upon notification of the line-of-duty death of a National Troopers Coalition member (NTC - which all active ISPA members are members of), the Treasurer of the NTC will immediately forward a check from the NTC Foundation in the amount of $2,500 to the beneficiary of the deceased member, as identified by the NTC member organization (the ISPA).

The PE Fund: The PE 1395 Fund was established by former Indiana State Trooper Joe Wagoner. The fund is to benefit any Indiana State Police Trooper killed in the line-of-duty. This will be in addition to the $20,000 line-of-duty death benefit provided to ISPA members. Joe was a trooper in the late '60s and early '70s. He left the Indiana State Police to pursue a career with the FBI. At the time of Joe's retirement from the FBI, he lived in California. While the Indiana State Police gave Joe his start in the field of law enforcement, he wanted to give back to the department that he still loved. Joe stated, "I still bleed Indiana State Police blue." Joe contacted the ISPA with the idea of starting a death benefit fund for those killed in the line-of-duty. After talking with Joe and the ISPA financial advisor, getting the details specified, and getting the initial funding, it was decided to name this death benefit the "PE 1395 Fund," after Joe's PE number. Joe endowed the fund with an initial donation of $50,000. One of Joe's requests was that this benefit is available to ALL members of the Indiana State Police and not just ISPA members. The ISPA has honoured this request. Regrettably, Joe passed away in September of 2015. More information about the PE 1395 Fund is located in the Charitable Efforts section of the website.

ISPA and Winzenread Scholarship programs: The Winzenread scholarship is for high school seniors only and the amount of each scholarship will be determined based upon compliance with the application procedure and the strength of the funds available (please see our website for specific criteria).

The ISPA scholarship provides $10 per credit hour or quarter schedule (with a maximum benefit of $1,000) to active, retired, and deceased ISPA members' children when enrolled in higher education programs. There is also a Completion Bonus of $100 for Associate's Degree and $200 for a Bachelor's Degree with a maximum Completion Bonus of $200. See the back side of the scholarship application or the website for further details and requirements.

More information about the ISPA and Winzenread scholarships are located in the Charitable Efforts section of the website.

Respect for Law Camp: The ISPA will pay 1/2 the enrolment fee for an ISPA member to send his/her dependent to attend the Respect for Law Camp and/or Career Camp.

Retirement Gift: Active ISPA members with three years consecutive membership prior to retirement receive a commemorative retirement plaque, an ISPA watch, a personalized Indiana's Finest lithograph, an Honorary Life Membership, and continued mailings.

Legal Assistance: The ISPA will assist members with legal expenses when related to official duties and/or responsibilities. When a critical incident happens, such as a police action shooting, your ISPA provided attorney will immediately contact you.

National Troopers Coalition: The ISPA is a member of the National Troopers Coalition (NTC) representing approximately forty-three (43) states and 44,000 troopers across the country (and Alaska). The ISPA is able to gain national credibility through the NTC. We also receive and provide information concerning benefits, compensation, and programs beneficial to you. No other association representing Indiana State Troopers is a member of the NTC.

Miscellaneous: We also have various discounts from time to time on things such as carpet/flooring, rental cars, hotel stays, and others. We are always looking for ways to save you money!

Legislative: Collectively, we have made some real progress with the Department and the Legislature. We are the only association that has a full-time lobbyist that represents our members at the local legislative level. The Alliance is also the only organization that can represent our hard working State Troopers. With very hard work, in 2007, the ISPA was able to secure a large pay raise for all of our members. We look forward to more success in the future. The Indiana State Police Alliance is working hard to improve your conditions!

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