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Date Details: Sunday, August 20, 2017 — 9:00 am - 7:30 pm

The Trooper Bartram Memorial Foundation would like to extend an invitation for a complimentary meal at Metro Diner in Plainfield. The Trooper Bartram Memorial Foundation is partnering with Metro Diner on Sunday August 20th to celebrate the opening of their new diner. They are located at 302 North Dan Jones Road Plainfield IN 46168 (Dan Jones just north of US 40 in front of Meijer). This is a friends and family event and all donations go directly to the Trooper Bartram Christmas for Kids Shop with a Cop. This year's Christmas for Kids will be in honor of Southport Police Lt Aaron Allan who was a dedicated volunteer for us and attended all of the Bartram Christmas for Kids events. Lt Allan was killed in the line of duty just recently on July 27th.

The Complimentary meal works like this. You have to call 317-214-8715 and make a reservation (up to 4-5 people) for breakfast lunch or dinner (you can order anything off the menu at any time of the day) between the time of 9:00am-1:30pm and 4:00pm-7:30pm. Come in at your reservation time and have a nice complimentary meal. This is their new diner so be patient with staff and employees as they will also be learning. In place of your meal cost you are welcome and encouraged to donate to the Trooper Bartram Memorial Foundation. 100% of those proceeds will fund this year's Christmas for Kids Shop with a Cop.

If you have any questions please contact myself or Kim Bartram at or visit the Bartram Memorial website.

We would like to take between 200-250 kids Christmas shopping this year, which will take place on Saturday December 16th. Please help us attain that goal in memory of Trooper Pat Bartram and Southport Lt. Aaron Allan.

Metro Diner can seat up to 175 tables that day and between 700-800 people. They would like us to fill every spot!

Also please feel free to forward this email and share the flyer with all your friends and family.

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M/Trooper Patrick Etter

President and Co-Founder Trooper Bartram Memorial Foundation

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