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Published: March 17, 2016

The Mercer Report titled Indiana State Police Total Rewards Review (you can click on the hyperlink to download a copy of the report) was presented to the State Budget Committee on March 15, 2016. The report contains a factual review of the compensation and benefits provided to the Indiana State Police as compared to eleven (11) other selected state, municipal, and county police agencies of various sizes and geographic locations.

The 66 page Mercer study is a factual comparative report only. As specifically noted on page-3, "this report does not contain recommnedations." The report should not be read or construed to suggest any particular change in compensation, or benefits, for any rank within the Indiana State Police Department.

The Mercer Report contains very detailed explanations, for example differences in comparisons in compensation by rank that arise due to some departments not using the same ranking systems. The most important items to be obtained from the study are the variety of ways the comparator police departments compensate their officers. Some of those methodologies might be applied to help keep the Indiana State Police competitive.

In order to fully understand the Mercer Report you must read it in its entirety. The Mercer Report was specifically designed to examine compensation in the surrounding states and in a variety of local departments based on size and geography, and it fulfilled that goal. However, in moving forward, the Indiana State Police Alliance will also focus on additional departments that provide our main competition for recruitment and retention of troopers.

The Indiana State Police is "Indiana's Finest." We will use the information provided in the study to work to improve our compensation so that we can maintain that status.

To view archived footage from the State Budget Committee's meeting click here.

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