Established in 1974 ~ Serving Indiana's Finest

Alliance Security Inc. (ASI) was incorporated in 1993 for the purpose of maximizing the skills and experience of active and retired Indiana State Police troopers to meet the needs of businesses all across Indiana who have growing needs for private security and investigations.

These needs can be fulfilled with ASI personnel who have extensive job knowledge, skills, and abilities in all aspects of law enforcement and criminal investigations. ASI presently employs a combination of over 300 active and retired members of the Indiana State Police. Whether the need is for traffic direction, crash investigation, site or personal security, or background investigations for entry level or corporate level positions ASI has the depth and breadth of experience to meet security related needs throughout Indiana.

ASI services are available all across Indiana, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. ASI is managed by the staff at the Indiana State Police Alliance, and contracts can quickly be negotiated and service can be provided typically within the same day.

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