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The Andrew P. Winzenread Scholarship Fund was established by Cindy Winzenread, wife of Trooper Andy Winzenread, and Roy Tabor of Tabor Law Firm. Subsequent to the tragic line-of-duty death of her husband, Cindy Winzenread established the Andrew P. Winzenread Scholarship Fund through financial contributions by both Cindy and Roy. The purpose of the fund is to encourage academic excellence and to award college scholarships to graduating high school seniors of Indiana State Police Officer's children.

ELIGIBILITY - The Winzenread Scholarship Fund is available to all high school seniors who are children of Indiana State Police Officers and who intend to pursue post-secondary education.

CRITERIA - Selection criteria will be competitive, based on high school academic performance and a written essay titled "The Life of A Fallen Indiana Police Officer". To qualify for a Winzenread Scholarship applicants must submit his or her application with a typed, 12 font, 1 inch margins, double-spaced essay to the Winzenread Board of Directors. Each essay should contain a lead sheet with the applicants name and the name of the officer the essay is written about. For the essay portion of the application each applicant must choose and research an Indiana Police Officer (from any Indiana law enforcement agency) that was killed in the line-of-duty. Applicants are to write an essay with a 1,500 maximum word count. To gather information for the essay, an applicant should interview family members, friends or co-workers of this Fallen Hero. This essay should cover the job experiences of the officer, including, but not limited to the officer's most challenging, humorous and/or rewarding incidents from his or her career. Applicants should take note that submitted essays will be offered to the family of the selected fallen officer. For any law enforcement officer, family or friend of a fallen officer this assignment will be an emotional topic, and due care should be taken while researching the selected Indiana Hero.

APPLICATION, SELECTION & AWARD PROCESS - The Winzenread Scholarship application is available on the ISPA website, or you can obtain a copy from the ISPA office upon request. Anyone applying may take the application into the Alliance office or MAIL the application to the Alliance office. Applications that are emailed or faxed will not be accepted. Any application that arrives at the Alliance office after the cut off date & time will not be considered. The Board has the right to refuse a scholarship to any applicant that does not meet the standards set forward by the board. Applications will be reviewed by the Winzenread Board of Directors. Notification to scholarship awardees will be made by mail after the committee meets in March. Scholarships will be awarded by the Winzenread family and Roy Tabor of Tabor Law Firm, at the annual Winzenread golf outing. Awardees or their parents are requested to be present to receive the scholarship. Once scholarships are awarded, scholarship funds will be paid directly to the appropriate registrar's office at the institute of higher learning designated by the scholarship recipient. The scholarship funds must be applied toward tuition, books and/or academic fees. If the applicant does not report his/her university of choice, the awarded scholarship funds will be returned to the Indiana State Police Alliance and will be deposited back into the Winzenread Scholarship account.

SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS - The number of scholarships to be awarded will be determined by the scholarship committee who will evaluate the applicant's essays and academic standings. The amount of each scholarship will be determined based upon compliance with the application proceedings and the strength of the funds available.

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